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Contacting Beebware International

You can contact Beebware International (and its subsidiary companies) in a number of methods - the most common being 'snail mail' (ordinary postal mail), telephone and facsimile and e-mail (electronic mail).

Snail Mail contact details

Our United Kingdom head office can be contacted at:

Beebware Ltd,
45 Fairholme Road
United Kingdom

Please note that personal callers are only welcomed on a prior appointment basis - we reserve the right to turn away unannounced visitors for security, privacy and other reasons.

E-Mail contact details

To contact us via electronic mail (email / e-mail), please use the most appropriate email address listed below. Please ensure you have read and agreed to our acceptable use policy - mainly it states that we will take action against anybody abusing our email facilities - ie 'spammers', 'mailbombers' etc.

As we've had quite a lot of 'garbage' messages recently, here's a quick list of things we don't deal with - any emails concerning the following will be classed as unsolicated commercial email and be dealt with as appropriate:

  • DO NOT send attachments of any sort (PDF, HTML, GIF, JPEG) to us without us requesting them - doing so may automatically trigger our anti-spam/ mailbomb protection systems.
  • Do not email us with requests to add or update your site to the directory listings (in http://www.beebware.com/directory/ ) as this is managed by the Open Directory Project.
    To add or modify a sites details, please see the links near the bottom of the page (underneath the listings)
  • We do not 'trade links' (or offer 'reciprocal links') - if you want us to display a prominent listing, please ask for details of our advertising rates
  • We do not provide website reviews, and any requests for the same will be classed as unsolicated commercial email.
  • We already have appropriate contacts for recruitment, internet connectivity, hardware suppliers, telephone network provision, datahosting and software suppliers. We do not need anybody else to contact us.

We would also appreciate it if you would send all email communications in plain text only - (ie no 'Microsoft Word' files), this helps keep the load on our mail servers at a minimum and reduces the chance of virii infections. If your email program (typically Microsoft Outlook) sends out a HTML and plain text version of a message - please disable 'HTML Format Email', as this just wastes bandwidth. Our systems are set up to remove HTML attachments to help reduce the impact of spam.

Sales Department (sales @ beebware.com)
For enquries about products and services offered by Beebware.
Support Department (support @ beebware.com)
If you require assistance or help with any Beebware product or service, then contact us here.
Webteam (webteam @ beebware.com)
For questions and answers about our website. Please feel free to report broken links, '404 Page Not Found' errors and ideas for new content here.
Personnel Department (personnel @ beebware.com)
Please send you job vacancy applications and enquires about vacant positions within Beebware to this address.
Public Relations (PR) (press @ beebware.com)
Public relations/press contact details, company background information and requests for interviews.
Marketing Department (marketing @ beebware.com)
Interested in partnering with us, or think you have a suitable product we may be interested in? Well this address, and this address only, send your details to.
Internet Abuse Department (abuse @ beebware.com)
Please send any and all reports of 'net-abuse' to this address so it can be dealt with by our experienced team.
Postmaster (postmaster @ beebware.com)
If you are not sure which address to send your email to, then please contact our Postmaster who will try and route the mail appropriately. He does get quite a bit of email, so be prepared for a slight delay in responses.