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Beebware Internet can now offer UK users internet access with no monthly fees and no setup or connection fees - all you pay is the price of a local call.
This account is ideal for low to medium usage people - with 'free call' packages, you'll find there is a monthly fee of around £25 - on our service you'll get up to 60 hours online per month. If you don't use that amount of time on the internet per month - then our service is for you.

We also don't disconnect you after 2 hours, we don't deactivate your account after 30 days inactivity, we don't limit the amount of time you spend online per month, we don't force advertising on your screen - we just provide high quality cheap internet access.

What we offer

We offer:

  • Dial-In Access at Local Call Rates (as low as 0.7p per minute at weekend rates with BT Call+Save and Best Friends discounts)
  • Unlimited Web and FTP space (make a website as big as you like)
  • Unlimited POP3 Email Addresses (give every single person in your family an email address - even your second half-cousin, you'll have more than enough to go around)
  • Web Based Email (we allow you to choose whether to download your email to your computer, or to read and respond online - ideal for when you are on holiday and can only get to a cyber cafe)
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC) access
  • USENET newsgroup access

What it costs

We offer all this just for the price of a local rate telephone call (Oftel - the telephone regulator for the UK - has set the 0845 range of numbers as 'non-geographical local rate') - ideal for low to medium usage people. NO subscription fees, setup fees and you DON'T have to change your telephone line provider.