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Beebware Software
There are the following sub-pages/categories for you to choose from:
Our RISC OS Software
Software that Beebware has produced for the RISC OS platform
RISC OS Software Index
A selected list of RISC OS software
Third Party Software
Software written by third parties for which we have provided web hosting space
Mapping Information
Details allowing your computer to map filetypes from another system to one your computer understands

Welcome to the Beebware Software website, here you can find categorised listings of RISC OS software, but also download software we have released.

Beebware RISC OS Software

We now offer you the chance to download a selection of some of the Beebware software programs we have written for the RISC OS platform - ranging from BWAmaze (a simple freeware maze game) through to BWGSMPlay (a shareware GSM playback application).


We maintain the Beebware RISC OS Software Index where we have categorized and reviewed a select of software that is available for the RISC OS platform.

Third Party Software

Beebware can now offer a range of third party software (mainly public domain and shareware programs) for download. We are distributing these files from our website so that people can easily find them - the authors website may no longer exist, may have never existed or the file is otherwise unavailable. Please note that Beebware cannot offer any support whatsever on these programs.


The Mimemap database file is used by your computer to recognise what different filetypes and 'MimeMappings' mean, whilst the DOSMap system allows a RISC OS computer to map between DOS extensions and RISC OS filetypes. Beebware aims to make our database the most accurate and comprehensive set of mappings around.