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Operating Divisions

Beebware International is a holding company and as such has a number of operating divisions, each specialising in its own niche market:

Beebware Internet
Beebware Internet offers a select range of Internet related services - such as web site design, DNS registration and general network development and support.
Beebware Software
A technological development company which has, to date, released a wide range of public domain, freeware and shareware titles for the RISC OS market as well as development of a number of commercial ventures and technology demonstrators.
Beebware Software is our oldest division and remains at the heart of the company allowing the other divisions to feed off its technological innovations - the most used of which is a 'semi-intelligent HTML file compiler'.
Adults @ Beebware
Our fastest growing operating division, 'Adults @ Beebware', aims to offer products and services to the adult market - specialising in niche/fetish orientated items and titles.
< This division has been in existence, in one form or another, for a significant portion of our history but it is only recently that it has been brought into prominence due to media interest and the attract of "the unspoken and unknown".