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Terms and Conditions
Beebware Internet is the Beebware branded version of the Connect Free internet service.
Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully.
Connect Free is a trading name for Connect Internet Services Limited and that these Terms & Conditions form the complete agreement between the user of the Connect Free services and Connect Internet Services Ltd.
You are authorised to access and use this Service when you have completely filled in all the required on-line registration information and indicated your concurrence with terms of this Service as described in the registration instructions.
The Terms & Conditions and your registration information are the complete agreement between you and Connect Free regarding this Service and replace any prior oral or other communications between us.

1. Service

There is no charge to access our internet dialup services, it is completely free except for the cost of a local rate call, which varies depending on which telecommunications provider you may use. Our internet service can only be used from a United Kingdom based telephone line - calling from non-UK telephone line will incur long distance call rates and may not successfully connect.
Connect Free, reserves the rights to charge for any services it offers giving one months notices to the customer if the customer was receiving the service for free.
As the service is free, it maybe open to abuse, any spamming, or sending unsolicited e-mails will not be tolerated and action will be taken by disconnection immediately.
The services Connect Free offers on their web site are available to anyone who wishes to use them, however any interference or disruption to any service by any user maybe disconnected from the service.

2. Description

Under the Terms & Conditions we provide you dial-in access and use of the Connect Free Services ("Services") for the specific purpose of enabling you to access the Internet or the Connect Free games server and services available on the internet.
Dial access is via a UK local call rate telephone number(s) which we provide to you.
Access to Internet Service Description, we provide only access to Internet. Each Internet provider owns, maintains, and supports its service. Availability of an Internet service is the responsibility of the Internet provider. We do not own or control all of the various facilities and communication lines through which access may be provided. Accordingly, we shall not be responsible for user/access security. However, we will assist in network security breach detection and identification and in establishing limited access when requested.
Certain Internet services may contain language or pictures which some individuals may find offensive, inflammatory, or of an Adult nature. Such contents are the sole responsibility of the Internet service provider. We do not endorse such materials and disclaim any and all liability for their contents.

3. Technical Support

Connect FREE offers telephone support on a national rate number and by e-mail, We do not except any liability for any user who can not connect to our service.

4. Personal Information

The user accepts that any incomplete or incorrect information provided to us through the on-line sign-up application form may result in disconnection.
Connect Free excepts that all information the users has provided Connect Free is completely confidential and will not be exposed to anyone else or used for advertising or sending unsolicited emails.
Connect Free reserves the right to send monthly e-mails to the user informing them of any changes or new services that maybe available.
Connect Free does not promote or support any Internet Provider that generates income by promoting or advertising directly to their users by the means of transferring data directly to the users computer.
With regard to Internet services, you are responsible for:
  1. determining what services are available via the Internet;
  2. determining if an Internet service meets your requirements;
  3. obtaining from the Internet provider user IDs in order to access their service;
  4. contacting the Internet provider directly by e-mail if you have problems with their service;
  5. obtaining and adhering to all other terms associated with usage of Internet or a specific Internet service or an intermediate provider's service which we use for access to the Internet; and
  6. obtaining, installing, and maintaining any required hardware and/or software necessary for accessing the service.

5. Electronic Communications

Each of us may communicate with the other by electronic means as described in the service literature and its registration information. Each of us agrees to the following for all electronic communications:
  1. a User Identification, contained in an electronic document, is legally sufficient to verify the sender's identity and the document's authenticity;
  2. an electronic document that contains a User Identification, is a signed writing; and
  3. an electronic document, or any computer printout of it, is an original when maintained in the normal course of business

6. General Terms

Each of us agrees that:
  1. all information exchanged by both of us is nonconfidential. Section 9 of these Terms & Conditions describes our responsibilities for handling data and information you transmit over our network using the Service;
  2. either party may terminate the service, with or without cause, and at any time without giving any notice;
  3. any terms varying from these Terms & Conditions in any order, written or electronic communication from you are void;
  4. neither of us grants the other any licenses under these Terms & Conditions; and
  5. if any provision of these Terms & Conditions is determined to be invalid, all other provisions shall remain in force.

7. Our Responsibilities

We will:
  1. provide you a User Identification code to enable access to the Service;
  2. send any electronic notice to you at the User Identification code we provide you;
  3. provide you with a telephone number to enable you to connect to the Service;

8. Your Responsibilities

You agree:
  1. that we may use your name, user identification and other identifying information in our service directory;
  2. not to resell the Service. Any attempt to do so is void;
  3. that you are responsible for the results obtained from the use of the Service;
  4. to obtain, install, and maintain suitable equipment and software as necessary to access the Service;
  5. to obtain all required permissions if you use the Service to receive, download, display, distribute, or execute programs or perform other works;
  6. to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, or conventions including those related to data privacy, international communications, and exportation of technical or personal data;
  7. to give all required notices under this Agreement by sending an electronic or written notification;
  8. not to use this Service to interfere or attempt to interfere with the use of the Service and/or the Internet by any other party.
  9. to provide us with the requested identification when requesting password reset or in connection with other security related matters.

9. Warranty, Limitation of Liability, and Disclaimer

ConnectFREE warrant that the Service that ConnectFREE provide under this Agreement conforms to its current description in this Agreement. If the Service is inoperable, ConnectFREE will attempt to fix the Service. For any claims whatsoever that you may have in connection with this Agreement, your sole and exclusive remedy against us is to cancel the Service.
In no event are ConnectFREE liable for:
  • Special, indirect, or consequential damages even if ConnectFREE have been advised of the possibility thereof including, but not limited to, lost profits, lost business revenue, or failure to realise expected savings, or
  • Any claims against you by any other party.
This Section 9 applies to all claims by you irrespective of the cause of action underlying your claim including, but not limited to:
  • Breach of contract, even if in the nature of a breach of condition or a fundamental term or a fundamental breach, or
  • Including, but not limited to negligence or misrepresentation.
This paragraph does not apply to claims for personal injury or damage to real or tangible personal property caused by our negligence.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, in no event are ConnectFREE liable for any damages arising from your failure to perform your responsibilities in connection with this Agreement, or arising from any cause beyond our control, including, but not limited to delay in the performance of our obligations or misuse of your Userids.

10. Customer Transmitted Data

ConnectFREE agree to respect the confidentiality of your information, including programs and data, transmitted electronically over our network while using the Service. However, ConnectFREE have no obligation of confidentiality relating to your information, including programs and data, which is not confidential.
ConnectFREE also have no liability for any disclosure of information that occurs as a result of our delivery of your information, at your direction and to a recipient you designate, when the delivery is made in the normal course of service provision (for example, to an incorrect delivery address provided by you to us). ConnectFREE may disclose information to the extent required by law.
Handling of your information
You are responsible for selection and use of the security facilities and options that ConnectFREE provide.
You are responsible to develop and maintain procedures (apart from the Service) to protect your information. You are responsible for backup and restoration of your information.
For transmission carried over interexchange carriers' and local exchange carriers' facilities, ConnectFREE are not responsible for transmission errors, or corruption or security of data.

11. Service Availability and Access

This Service is generally available daily, seven days a week, except for maintenance.
Service maintenance generally takes place from 3pm until 5pm British local time on Sunday however ConnectFREE may at anytime without notice or liability restrict the use of the Service or limit its time of availability in order to perform maintenance activities.
ConnectFREE also reserve the right to withdraw the Service from you if your use of the Service, in our opinion, is disruptive, causes a malfunction of the Service or violates the terms of this Agreement.
If you connect to the Service automatically, without manually entering your User Identification code, you must understand that anyone who has access to your computer can also gain access to the Service and could abuse your personal registration information.