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Third Party Software
This is a list of software that Beebware is hosting on its website for the general internet community to download. Beebware have not written the software listed below and makes no claim whatsoever upon it. Beebware can not provide any support in anyway on this software - please feel free to try and contact the original authors where possible.
This files are compressed in ZIP format - please use SparkFS, SparkPlug, WinZip or any other de-zipper program to extract the files.
If you are the author of any of these programs, know the author or just have a more up-to-date copy of the program, please contact us.
Author:Stewart Brodie
Platform:RISC OS
Version:1.87 (15-Jun-97)
Download (573k)
The most popular freeware web browser with simple frame support (but doesn't support tables nor many other common extensions). Does come with handy PrintWeb utility (for printing webpages).
Author:Sophie Wilson
Platform:RISC OS
Version:1.15 (21-Feb-96)
Download (262k)
Displays many different foreign bit-map graphic images and allows you to perform basic manipulation before saving in Sprite or JPEG format.
Author:Phil Norman
Platform:RISC OS
Version:0.01 (14-Jul-96)
Download (30k)
Dicottery allows you to produce Self-Extracting Archives (SEAs) which means that you don't need to distribute a copy of any decompressors with your archives. Unfortently, this also means that the receiver needs RISC OS.
Author:Ian Molton
Platform:RISC OS
Version:0.02 (17-Sep-98)
Download (17k)
Decodes G3 and G4 type TIFF files (as used by the Demon Fax to Email service) to mode 0 RISC OS sprites.
Author:Joe Kelleher
Platform:RISC OS
Version:0.10 (24-Nov-96)
Download (21k)
IcoConv is a utility for converting Windows icons to RISC OS sprites. It can also convert icons stored in .EXE, .DLL and .ICL along with .ICO files.
Author:Len Killip
Platform:RISC OS
Version:1.00 (28-Feb-97)
Download (9k)
Converts UK National Grid References to latitude and longitude, and calculates the deviation between true north and grid north (also the lat and long to easting and norhting, and bearing and distance between NGRs).
Author:Peter Greenham
Platform:RISC OS 3.5+
Version:2.03 (01-Dec-95)
Download (61k)
Converts between RISC OS sprites and TIFF files. Can handle multi-channel TIFF files (as exported by PhotoShop on the PowerMac) and any TIFFs following the 5.0 or 6.0 TIFF specification. Can create 24 or 32 bit TIFF files (with or without LZW compression) from 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 bit sprites.
Author:Tom Crossland
Platform:RISC OS
Version:2.30 (19-Jul-92)
Download (13k)
UnArj is a decompressor only for Arj Compressed files.
Author:Keith Sloan
Platform:RISC OS
Version:1.9 (07-Oct-97)
Download (34k)
WMF>-Draw is a utility for converting Windows Metafiles to RISC OS Draw format.
Author:Andy Armstrong
Platform:RISC OS
Version:0.57 (22-Feb-97)
Download (100k)
X-Files (nothing to do with the Tweentieth Century Fox/Sky television series starring David Duchovny as Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully) is an image filing system which supports long filenames (up to 256 characters) and an unlimited number of files per directory. The download comes complete with X-Recovery which allows you to recover and fix corrupted X-Files archives.