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BWGSMPlay Press Release
By Beebware Software

Beebware Software (Beebware) is proud to announce the public release
of BWGSMPlay - a shareware utility for Risc OS 3.1 or above computers.

BWGSMPlay allows you to play back GSM sound files, as produced by the
very popular JFAX Voice>Email system along with various mobile
telephones, and emerging internet telephone systems.

BWGSMPlay is completely Risc OS complaint, operating within the
desktop and only pauses multi-tasking when playing back the
compressed sound files.

Further details, along with a copy of the help files are available
from the official download site at:
where you also freely download the shareware copy of BWGSMPlay.
Full technical support and backup is only available to registered
users (3UKP registration fee), but help will be given to all users.

Press release by Beebware International on 14th June 1998
Beebware Software is an operating division of Beebware International
A copy of this press release will shortly be available from the
'Press Releases' section of the Beebware International website
available at: http://www.beebware.com/beebware/