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Press Details and Information

Beebware International prides itself on being open to the public and the media - and hence we are willing to make available all our press releases and articles we have written (where we are able to release them - some articles are written under arrangement that we are not able to publicly release them ourselves).
You can also arrange an interview or request an article from our press department.

Press Releases

  • SuperSpandex - As of the 24th Of February 1999, the highly popular adult internet website - Alt.Lycra Story Archive - has been pirchased by Beebware International. [ 24 February 1999 ]
  • Closure of Acorn Group PLC's workstation division - Beebware International's reaction to the news that as of the 17th of September 1998, the Acorn Group PLC will cease to produce workstations. [ 20 September 1998 ]
  • BWGSMPlay - Beebware Software (Beebware) is proud to announce the public release of BWGSMPlay - a shareware utility for Risc OS 3.1 or above computers. [ 14 June 1998 ]


Arrange An Interview/Requesting An Article

If you would like to arrange an interview with any member of our staff, please contact our public relations department - please include details of how the interview is to be conducted (email or private IRC chat is preferred, but we are able to give telephone and 'in person' interviews - ideal for television or radio media items). Please also include details of the organisation you are representing and the subject of the interview.