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SuperSpandex Press Release
 [PRESS RELEASE: 24 February 1999 at 19:55:54 +0000 (GMT) ]
As of the 24th of February 1999, the highly popular adult internet
website - Alt.Lycra Story Archive website (ALSA) - located at
http://www.beebware.demon.co.uk/alsa/ has closed.
This highly popular internet website was forced to close due to extremely
high bandwidth usage and administrative problems.
However, the content and all rights to the same have been purchased
by Beebware International ( http://www.beebware.com ) who are a UK
based Internet developer.
The new re-formatted website now contains all the previous contents of
the ALSA website with a 'working' graphics gallery (all files are
now held on the same server), Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Adult
Jokes, a larger number of lycra and spandex stories and sexual advice
from the fictional doctor Dr.R.U.Hard.
The new website is available as:
 SuperSpandex - the spandex/lycra fetish website
and can be found at the following URL:
<a href="http://www.beebware.com/ss/">http://www.beebware.com/ss/</a>
Please change all bookmarks, hot-lists etc. to reflect the new URL.
If you have any problems or questions, please contact the SuperSpandex
administrators at:
Press release jointly released by:
 The Alt.Lycra Story Archive (ALSA)
SuperSpandex is part of Beebware International, a growing UK internet
developer specialising in RISC OS software and low cost, multi-platform
internet websites and resources. For more information about Beebware
please see: