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FAQs about the dialup service

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions and answers about the Beebware Internet service that you may want answering before or even after you've signed up...

Is this service totally FREE?

There are no setup or monthly subscription charges and we make no charges for the time you spend online. The only cost to you is the cost of the call charged at LOCAL CALL RATES no matter where you are in the UK.
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Is there any banner advertisements on my screen when using the service?

We force no advertisements on your screen when using our free internet service.
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Do you send unsolicited emails/spam?

We have not and never will send out unsolicited emails of any sort. The information you provide to us is confidential and will only be supplied to our bandwidth provider who will keep the information confidential and private.
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What do you provide?

Every account comes with UNLIMITED email addresses, UNLIMITED webspace/ftp space, USENET newsgroup feeds, Internet Relay Chat access, multiplayer network games service and national call rate technical support.
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What connection speeds do you offer, and can I connect if I have an Apple Mac/iMac?

We offer connections for 28.8k, 33.3k, K56Flex, V.90 modems and 64k and 128k ISDN. Our services are totally compatible with Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Apple Macs.
We will not charge you any extra for using the higher speeds (some providers charge extra for ISDN access), but we would like to remind you that you may be charged 'double-rate' for using 128K ISDN by your telephone company (as it involves using two connections at once).
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Can you guarantee first time connections?

While we cannot guarantee first time connections every time (no ISP can offer this - there are just too many things that could happen), we always aim to have at least 30% more capacity than we need.
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Is there any technical support?

We offer technical support via email, fax and telephone. Fax and telephone assistance is charged at national call rates - no premium rate telephone numbers!
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After how long do the accounts stay active?

Unlike other Free ISPs (and even some 'pay-per-month' ISPs), we do NOT delete any accounts or emails. Once your account has been created, it will exist forever.
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Do I have to use the dial-up system to access my email/ftp space/news system?

You MUST use a Beebware Internet dial-up account to access our news server, send emails from your account or FTP to your website. You can not access these services from any other ISP's dial-up account due to security reasons.
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Why do I need CLI (Caller Line Identification) enabled?

This is mainly an anti-spam precaution to enable us to block people who misuse our system by sending out unsolicated emails (aka spam). For more details, please see our Caller Line Identification page.