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Help and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Frequently Asked Questions
Common question asked about our services
Configuring DUN on Windows 95,98 and 2000
How to set up your Windows 32bit system
Configuring DUN on Windows NT
How to configure your Microsoft Windows NT machine to use our service
Configuring Outlook Express
Be appreciated by fellow internet users by properly configuring Microsoft Outlook Express to send emails
Caller Line Identification
Why we insist on 'CLI' for sending emails, and how to re-enable it for your line
Uninstalling Freeserve
Have you previously installed Freeserve or another ISPs software that has forced their 'branding' onto your computer. We tell you how to remove it

Technical parameters

IP Address:Dynamic/Server Assigned
Gateway:Server Assigned (or
Machine name domain:connectfree.co.uk
Machine name:<your login name>.connectfree.co.uk
Protocol:PPP/PAP (No Protocol: prompt)
Encapsulation:PPP (Automatic)
Incoming mail server:POP3: pop3.connectfree.co.uk
Outgoing mail server:SMTP send: smtp.connectfree.co.uk
USENET news server:NNTP: news.connectfree.net
DNS servers:Server assigned (or,
Proxy servers:None
Dialup numbers:V.34 (28.8k of 33.6k modems): 0845 662 1020
V.90 (56k modems): 0845 662 1520
ISDN: 0845 662 1420
IRC Server:irc.connectfree.co.uk