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Text Editors
Editors and related programs
Programs which have been written to edit, layout or publish text in one way or another (ie just a raw-text editor or a fully-blown desktop publishing package).
Impression Junior 
Author:Computer Concepts
Available from:Computer Concepts
A formely commercial word processor package (it became freeware after it was superseded by Impression Style), which supports most major word processing and DTP functions. If you run it on a RISC OS 3.5 machine or later, ensure that your monitor is set for 256 colours or less.
Author:Guttorm Vik et al
Available from:StrongEd website
A text editor with BASIC program editing capabilities.
Author:Guttorm Vik et al
Available from:StrongEd website
StrongHelp is a simple hypertext program (similar to HTML) for reading and designing on-screen manuals. Has quite a large range of third-party manuals for various functions.
Author:David Pilling
Available from:David Pilling
OvationPro is the successor to the popular Ovation package and has practically superseded the entire Impression range. As well as supporting the standard word processing and desktop publishing functions it also has the more exotic functions such as irregular frames, 'applets', stylesheets, chapters, and a whole range of other functions.
Author:Dominic Symes et al
Available from:Zap website
Zap is a very comprehensive free text editor, with loads of 'third-party' add on modules which allow it to preform various functions. For example, this page was written using the ZapHoTMetaL module which colours all the tags correctly.