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File Mappings


The Mimemap datafile contains a long long list of different MIME type settings - as defined by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) and a list of 'unofficial' third party settings - and their RISC OS equivalent settings (including DOS file extensions).
Whilst this file was mainly made for use on the RISC OS system (using a MimeMap module such as Justin Fletchers MimeMap module), there is nothing stopping a third party from using this on a Linux, Posix, UNIX, MS DOS, DR DOS or any other operating system.

The latest release of this file is version 0.06 RC - 05/Jan/2001 and is available to download in text format or as part of an installation program which includes Release 5 of Justin Fletcher's MimeMap module.
To auto-install the MimeMap datafile in the appropriate place, use the installation program.

The text file should be renamed MimeMap and stored in the path pointed to by Inet$MimeMappings (use *Show Inet$MimeMappings to show the path). If it points to something like InetDBase:MimeMap, you'll have to show the path to InetDBase (use *Show InetDBase$Path) and so forth.
If you are using ANT Internet Suite II, the MimeMap file should be stored in !InetSuite. Internet. Files .