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About Beebware International

Beebware International commenced trading of the 1st of June 1998, but had been trading successfully under its previous name of Beebware since November 1994 when it was a public domain/shareware software library. [more...].

Beebware International is the name given to the parent company of the Beebware range of companies - which are all trading names of Richard Chiswell and with Richard being the Chief Executive Officer.

All documentation and details relating to Beebware International can be served from our UK head office in Stocking Farm, Leicestershire, in the United Kingdom [more...].

We have been featured quite significantly in the online and off-line media - some of these 'credits' include the news-stand magazine "Acorn User", the 'late' "Archimedes World" news-stand magazine, Archive Magazine (a subscription only magazine), cyber.cafe Meridian TV programme - these exclude numerous mentions in Internet mailing and discussion list and USENET newsgroups.

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