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Email Stuff
There are the following sub-pages/categories for you to choose from:
Email redirector services
Offering remote email hosting
Allows you to access email via your webbrowser
Web forwarding
Redirect people visiting your website
Offers space to host your website
Other email services

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On the internet there are anumber of email address providers which can supply you with an entirely new email address. Usually they provide the service for free, but some may make a small charge (or just charge for extra services).
To aid you in finding the service appropriate to you, please choose a section:

Forwarding Services

These services are ideal if you already have an email address, but you don't want to use it for certain reasons. Forwarding services just 'redirect' your email from the address you select to your real mail box (ie from john.doe@example.com to your real address at 29742.38278@yourisp.com) - perfect for bulletin boards, personal advice correspondence and job applications.

POP3 Services

However, if you would like a 'completely new mailbox' which will work in conjuction with your existing internet email package (such as ANT Marcel, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus CC:Mail etc), then you should get a POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) mailbox. These are just email address like most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) give to their customers - but with the added advantage being that you aren't tied to any ISP.

Webbased Services

Allowing you to read your email 'anytime, anywhere' using just a web browser, these tend to be the more popular services. You don't need any access to email facilities as they are operated through any web browser. The most popular and long established of these services is Hotmail, but there are many others to rival it. Web based email services do tend to be free (or extremely cheap) as they are supported by advertising when you read and respond to your emails.

There is also information on this site if you are looking for somewhere free to host your website (have a look at our webspace services page), or if you want web forwarding (which redirects people from a usually 'short and catchy' address to wherever you decide to host your website).

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