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Removing Freeserve
There are the following sub-pages/categories for you to choose from:
Turning off the Active Desktop
How to deactive the active desktop view and remove the 'Freeserve' channel
Removing Internet Explorer Branding
How to remove the Freeserve logo and name from Microsoft IE
Uninstalling all Freeserve components
Removing the Freeserve icon, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express
Removing the Freeserve Connection
Disabiling the ability to connect to Freeserve.net
Changing the Default Connection
Do you want your computer to 'assume' another connection is the 'best'? Then change the default connection setting.
Using multiple connections
How to use Freeserve in conjunction with other Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Uninstalling Internet Explorer
How to remove Microsoft Internet Explorer on its own
Configuring Outlook Express @
Configuring MS Outlook to ensure to you get the most out of it
Using multiple email accounts
How to use other email accounts in parallel with Freeserve.

If you used to use Freeserve or another 'branded' internet service provider, you may want to removal any or all of the 'advertising' it installed on your computer's desktop.
The easiest way is to removal all traces of their internet service from your computer, but you may still want to be able to connect to their system. Therefore, we have compiled some help pages to assist you in removing and configuring your system to your specification.

If you are still a customer of Freeserve, please note that we cannot support their dialup service - mainly because it is in competition with our own free dialup internet service.