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Using multiple connections

If you do not wish to uninstall any of the software but do wish to use your Freeserve connection in parallel with another ISP, you need to do several simple things. Firstly, follow the instructions above to determine which connections are dialled by default when you start Internet Explorer or Outlook Express. Secondly, for browsing the web when you're connected through a dialup connection to a different ISP, you need to turn off the Freeserve proxy settings in Internet Explorer. We recommend that you use the Freeserve proxy if you are using the web through a Freeserve connection because it will be faster, but it is not essential, and you will not be able to use this proxy with other ISPs.
To get to the proxy settings, select 'Internet Options' from the IE4 'View' menu. From the 'Internet Options' panel click on the 'Connections' tab at the top. To access your Proxy settings, click on the 'Advanced' button in the Proxy section. To turn the proxy cache off, click in the box to remove the tick. To turn the proxy back on, click in the box to put a tick there. If you need to put the addresses for Freeserve back in the 'Advanced' section, they are:

HTTP:http://www-cache.freeserve.net Port:8080
FTP:http://www-cache.freeserve.net Port:8080
Thirdly, you should make sure that if you need to use a static IP address or static DNS servers these are NOT set through your Network Neighbourhood properties. If you set TCP/IP settings here they will override all network settings on your computer. Instead, set IP or DNS for individual DialUp Network connections. Select 'Properties' for the connection you are interested in by right clicking on it. Then go to the 'Server Types' tab and click on 'TCP/IP Settings'.

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